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Have you had an Audi PCP/HP car on finance in the last 10 years? If so you could be owed thousand’s in compensation due to an FCA announcement.

Fill in our Audi PCP claims checker to find out if you are eligible for a no win no fee Audi claim.

Most common was you can be mis-sold your Audi car finance.

  • Broker receives commission, which is kept a secret.
  • Unreasonable high interest rates.
  • Contract are rarely adequately explained.
  • Customer’s are mis-led with numbers.
John Elliot

John Elliot

"I had never heard about Audi pcp claims before a friend told me.
I was updated regularly throughout and felt that my file handler was
knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely recommend"

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Do You Qualify For Audi PCP Claims

Mis sold Audi car annual Mileage

Do you believe you might of been over charged on your miles on your audi pcp/hp car finance deal

Did The Audi Salesman explain who is responsible for damage

When you acquired the Audi pcp agreement was you told who is responsible for damage what charges would be added on top of the Audi pcp agreement?

Did The salesman fully explain the Audi pcp agreement to you

Was the Audi salesman able to fully explain the pcp agreement with you and give you time to make a decision?

DID YOU KNOW THE Audi SALESMAN EARNING commission on behalf of your agreement

Was you told by Audi salesman that commission would have been paid to the sales person when you took on the Audi pcp agreement?

Mis Sold Audi Car Finance

Dealers and lenders may mis-sell a transaction in a variety of ways. When making a deal, lenders must clearly explain the terms of the agreement to you so that you are aware of what you’re getting into. The deal should be tailored to your specific requirements and operate with your financial limits in mind. The following are examples of how a deal

1) Extra costs are deceptive.

2) Extra fees are incorrect.

3) Information about the vehicle’s owner or other alternatives that would have saved money for the borrower was hidden.

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