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PCP claims solicitor no win no fee service for PCP compensation

Have you owned a Kia PCP/HP car on finance for the last 10 years? If this is the case, you may be entitled to hundreds of pounds in compensation as a result of an FCA announcement.

Fill in our Kia PCP/ Hire Purchase claims checker to find out if you are eligible for a no win no fee Kia claim.

How you may of been mis-sold your Kia car finance.

  • The broker receives a commission, which is kept a secret.
  • Unreasonable high-interest rates.
  • Contracts are rarely adequately explained.
  • Customers are misled by numbers.
PCP claims solicitor no win no fee service for PCP compensation

Do I Qualify For a Kia PCP Claim

Mis sold Kia annual Mileage?

Do you think you may have been overcharged for your Kia PCP / Hire Purchase purchase arrangement?

Did The Kia Salesman explain who is responsible for damage?

Were you informed who would be responsible for damages and what additional fees would be added to your Kia PCP agreement when you signed your Kia PCP / Hire Purchase contract?

Did the salesperson fully explain the Kia PCP contract to you?

Did the Kia salesperson thoroughly explain the PCP contract to you and allow you enough time to make an educated decision?

Did you know that the Kia SALESMAN may have been earning a commission on your behalf?

Did your Kia salesperson inform you that they would be paid a commission if you completed the Kia PCP contract?

Mis Sold Kia Car Finance


Dealers and lenders may mis-sell a transaction in a variety of ways. When making a deal, lenders must fully disclose the terms of the settlement to you so that you are aware of what you’re getting into.

A contract must be custom-built to your specific requirements and function within your financial restrictions. The following are samples of how a bargain may look.

1) Extra expenses are deceptive.

2) Extra prices are incorrect.

3) Information about the vehicle’s proprietor or different options that would have saved cash for the borrower was hidden.

Kia PCP claims

List of Kia car models

FORTE (China)
RIO/K2/KX CROSS (hatchback)
RIO/K2 (sedan)
CEED (hatchback)
Station wagon