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Why not find out if you can claim back your Blackhorse car finance? Blackhorse is the UK’s leading car finance provider, and as such, they have a responsibility to ensure that their customers are given accurate and fair information when taking out car finance. However, there have been a number of cases where Blackhorse have been accused of mis-selling car finance to customers.

PCP claims solicitor no win no fee service for PCP compensation

Mis sold Mileage By Blackhorse

Do you believe you might have been over charged on your miles by Blackhorse?

Did Blackhorse explain who is responsible for damage?

When you took out the Blackhorse PCP agreement were you told who is responsible for damage and what charges would be added on top?

Did Blackhorse fully explain the pcp agreement to you?

Was Blackhorse able to fully explain the agreement to you and give you time to make a decision?

Were you informed by Blackhorse that commission would be paid on behalf of your agreement?

Were you informed by Blackhorse that commission would be paid to the sales person when you took on the PCP deal?

How has Blackhorse PCP Car finance been Mis-sold

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has launched an inquiry into vehicle financing offers that have been mis-sold.

Unaware to customers, lending institutions provided perks to brokers and automobile dealers in order for the lenders to earn better commissions by pushing consumers to pay higher interest rates.

The rate disparity was due to the fact that Blackhorse PCP owners were paying more interest than they should have been, despite being fully aware of it.

Following a Financial Conduct Authority investigation, dealers and brokers are being held accountable for how they communicate with their clients.

With this in mind, consumers must be more vigilant than ever about the risk of mis-selling when purchasing a vehicle.

Consumers may investigate their automobile loan options and ask questions to ensure that they obtain the most favorable terms.

Blackhorse Hidden Commissions

According to a new Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) survey, automobile dealerships are attempting to hide the fact that their financing brokers receive commissions.

Because the loan is frequently paid off with extra monthly installments, this might create a conflict of interest since salespeople may be tempted to alter interest rates in order to increase commission on the vehicle sale.

The researchers called for improved transparency in the automobile financing sector so that customers know they’re getting the best bargain.

With the cost of cars continuously rising, it’s more crucial than ever that customers be aware of their finances.

When individuals comprehend all of the costs that must be taken into account, they can feel certain that they are receiving good value for their money.

Can I claim Blackhorse Compensation? 

If you believe you’ve been mis-sold your vehicle loan, you may be entitled to hundreds of pounds in Blackhorse compensation.

Fraudulent claims may be submitted on the grounds that a borrower was misled about the terms of the loan agreement, could not pay off the debt, or was persuaded to take out a loan against his/her wishes.

When you submit a claim, you may verify that the financial agreement is terminated while still receiving compensation to assist you in returning to where you would have been financially had you not been mis-sold the financing agreement.

You could possibly be eligible for thousands of pounds in compensation.

The Financial Ombudsman Service can apologize if the lender goes bankrupt and is unable to pay you anything. If you believe your Blackhorse vehicle finance agreement was mis-sold, your chances of obtaining Blackhorse compensation rise if you act quickly.


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