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Were you mis-sold car warranty?

Have you bought a car or vehicle that came with a car warranty that turned out it was not the right one or did not fully cover you on the road?

Many car owners in the UK have run into the same problem were they assumed they had a warranty that fully covered them, but it turned out it never.

Most common ways you can be mis-sold car warrenty

  • Salesperson earned more selling an ineffective warranty.
  • Sales team claimed that you were fully covered on your car warranty, but this was not true 
  • Under pressure from salesperson to take out a car warranty. 
  • You were led to believe you needed to purchase a car warranty package to take out finance on the vehicle 
John Elliot

John Elliot

I needed astistance with my car finance agreement as faults were made within the agreement and the interest I was paying, MSCF were able to help setup my claim & explain why this might of happened.

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Reasons why you may of been mis-sold car warranty

Salesperson earned commission on car warranty sale

A salesperson could of earned commsion on the sale of a warranty agreement, this can tempt the salesperson into selling you a warranty that does not suit your needs in order for them to be paid commission.

Car warranty did not fully cover me

You have been told you had full cover on your warranty, only to find out you weren't covered for the fault that occurred

Warrenty was added without my knowledge

A car warienty may of been added to you finance deal or sale without your prior knowage.

Was told you had to take out a car warranty

In some cases car consumers were told they had to take out a car warranty package in order to take out the finance.

Mis-sold used car warranty

7x out of 10 if you have been mis-sold your car warranty it has most likely been on a used car as a new car will come with a manufacture warranty.

A manufacture warranty would be the best type of warranty you can have as it covers you more and comes free when you buy a new car.

With used car warranties they can be more expensive, especially if you buy from a car dealer.

There are a handful of ways a car dealer or salesperson may mis-sell you a used car warranty from peer pressure to not fully explaining what type of cover comes with the warranty.

If you feel like you were mis-sold a used car warranty you can contact us for help or the motor ombudsman service.

Mis-sold used car warranty

What is a car Warranty

Car warrantys can be very handy in a situation were your car breaks down.

A car warranty will give you extra protection on the road if any car problems appear.

All new cars, 99% of the time will come with a manufacturing warranty.

A manufacturing warranty on average will cover for 3-5 years depending on where you bought your car from.

A Manfactures warranty will tend to cover you these aspects.

  • Brakes & pads
  • Engine Failure
  • Fuel Systems
  • Suspension
  • Steering 


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