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Mis-sold Company car finance

Did your commercial company take out PCP or HP in the last 10 years?

If so you may of been mis-sold your company finance as investigation shows that the majority of regulated finance may of been mis-sold due to hidden commissions.

common ways how you can be mis-sold your motorbike finance.

  • Broker receives commission, which is kept a secret.
  • Unreasonable high interest rates.
  • Contract are rarely adequately explained.
  • Customer’s are mis-led with numbers.

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Do you qualify for a motorbike claim

Mis sold company Annual Millage

was it fully explained to your company that you would have to pay extra if you went over your annual mile limit?

Who pays for damage

Were you told that your company would be liable for any damage to any cars taken out on finance

Was the finance agreement fully explained to you

When arragging your copmays car on finance did the car dealer or salesman fully explain the T&C's

company car finance hidden commission

Did the salespeople explain to you that he or she would earn a commission based on the interest rate

Mis-selling of Company car finance

If your commercial company has taken out a PCP or HP finance deal on a car in the last 10 years, you may have been mis-sold. This is because investigations have shown that the majority of regulated finance deals may have included hidden commissions.

This means that you could be paying more for your finance than you should be, and you may be entitled to a refund. If you think you have been mis-sold company car finance, contact us today and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Is company car finance regulated

Unfortunately, commercial car finance is not regulated by the FCA (financial conduct authority) like other forms of lending, this is because the FCA only regulates personal car finance. However, there is a code of conduct that all lenders must follow which is set by the British Bankers Association (BBA).

This code of conduct requires lenders to be clear and transparent with customers about the fees and charges associated with their finance agreement. It also states that customers must be treated fairly and given the option to cancel their finance agreement if they’re not happy with it.

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