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Do you believe you may have been mis-sold gap insurance?

If gap insurance was added without your prior knowledge or peer pressure by a salesperson, there could be a case for miss-selling your gap insurance agreement. 

Most common ways you can be mis-sold gap insurance.

  • Salespeople could earned commission that was not disclosed, this can lead in consumers paying more for gap insurance.
  • You were told you were fully covered with gap insurance, but this was not true. 
  • Felt like the salesman was putting you under pressure to take out the gap insurance policy.
  • You were led to believe you needed to buy the Gap insurance policy in order o take out the car finance agreement.

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Reasons why you may of been mis-sold gap insurance

Salesperson earned commission on Gap insurance sale

A salesman could have earned a commission on the transaction of a gap insurance policy, this can tempt the salesman into selling you gap insurance that doesn't suit your requirements in order for them to be paid a commission.

Gap insurance did not fully cover me

you could have been told that the gap insurance would cover you for certain accidents that may happen on the road. but this was not true. a salesperson may have lied in order to earn commissions.

Gap insurance policy was added without my knowledge

In some cases, a salesperson can add gap insurance without your consent. the reason why a salesperson may add gap insurance without your knowledge might be because they wanted to earn commission.

Was told you had to take out a car warranty

A salesperson may have said that in order to take out the ca finance you would have to apply for gap insurance.