PCP claims calculator checker tool

The Mis Sold Car Finance PCP claims Calculator is a free tool for anyone in the UK who believes they where Mis Sold their pcp car finance or simply want to check. 

Mis Sold Car Finance PCP claims Calculator

Please note: The car finance PCP claims calculator is a guide, once completed one of our team will contact you.

How does the Mis sold car finance pcp claims calculator checker tool work

The free PCP claims calculator checker tool won’t tell you exactly how much you are owed, but will give an estimated percentage on how likely your chances of making a claim would have of succeeding.

The calculator’s aim is to work out on average, the likelihood your claim has of being successful, depending on the information you submit.

This free calculator checker will asses many variables in order to give you a better idea of how successful your claim will be. The PCP claims calculator will not give you the exact amount that you are owed but will basically let you know if you could make a claim.

Will the calculator submit my claim after I receive my results?

No, after you have submitted your details via the calculator if we believe you may have been Mis Sold you will be advised of possible options.  

Although if you would like to start your claim now please click here to be directed to our claim form .

 If you would prefer to speak to a Mis Sold Car Finance Specialist (PCP Contracts) please call 0800 206 2237 

Alternatively if you would like to email us, please email claims@missoldcarfinance.org 

 Is my information safe after I submit my details to the calculator?

Yes, here at missoldcarfinance.org we will keep all your information safe and will not pass it on to any third-party companies. 

 We can 100% promise you this as we value you and your information.

Is the PCP claims calculator tool 100% accurate?

No, this PCP claims Calculator tool will not give you the exact amount that you are owed but it will let you know if we believe you could make a claim.

Why have you made this Car Finance PCP claims Calculator tool?

We made this tool as a result of the FCA investigation into the mis selling of Car finance PCP contracts in the UK  

The FCA stated that the missing selling of PCP could potentially cost UK consumers over 300 million a year. 

 The FCA have been looking into the mis selling of car finance for the past 3 years. 

It is only now they are taking action against these dodgy car dealerships and salesmen. 

 This may have affected more than 5 million drivers in the UK as the salespeople who where selling these deals were not giving the right information and trying to make a quick sale as they were profiting largely from a PCP deal. 

 This free  PCP claims calculator checker tool was designed for UK  consumers to help them decide if they should make a claim as a result of mis selling. 

How will the calculator let me know if i have a strong case

The mis sold PCP car finance calculator will let you know how strong your case may be against your car dealership or financier, but how? 

 On the calculator you will be asked a series of questions in regards to how the deal took place and what type of information you received when taking out the pcp contract by the salesperson. 

 For example, if you were not told who would be liable for repairs when you hand the car back after the end of the pcp deal or you were not informed about who exactly own the vehicle after the contract expires you will have a very high chance in claiming back your car finance deal and also added interest or compensation.