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Thousands of people across the UK may have been mis-sold PCP or Hire Purchase car finance due to an FCA announcement, you may be one of them. Use our free PCP claims checker to find out if you are eligible for a no win no fee PCP claim and are entitled to PCP compensation.

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pcp claims

What are PCP claims?

What are PCP claims? You may have been mis-sold if you were given poor advice about your financing options or the various commissions being charged within your PCP agreement. 

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently discovered national widespread evidence of this practice, which it claims could be leading towards consumer abuse through inadequate disclosure on all types of vehicle deals – including those involving cars!

Many car finance consumers are now applying to claim back PCP compensation due to hidden commissions that salespeople kept secret and unreasonable interest rates plus more.

Another way car salespeople were able to earn high commissions was through incentivized commissions.

What are incentivized commissions?

Incentivized commissions are when a salesperson is able to obtain larger commissions as they are able to dictate the rate of interest.

Meaning the higher the interest rate they charge the more they can earn in commission.

As of Janurary 25 20

mis-sold PCP car finance agreement

Evidence of mis-sold PCP car finance

Back in April 2017, the FCA announced in their business plan 2017/18 a review into the motor finance sector to find out if the current car financing model poses financial harm to consumers due to possible arsing conflicts related to commissions and more.

The FCA also included a mystery shopper exercise where they shopped at 122 car dealerships to establish how PCP and other car finance products were being sold to consumers, here are the results.


  • Just 31% of the car salespeople explained that the consumer that they did not own the car until the end of the car finance agreement.
  • 28% of the car dealerships visited did not explain in detail what would happen if any car finance payments were missed or late.
  •  Just 7 out of the 122 car dealerships visited explained that commission would be earned on top of the car finance agreement.
PCP claim compensation

How much PCP compensation could I receive from a PCP claim?

How much could I claim for being mis-sold PCP car finance?

It is estimated that the average amount of PCP compensation a customer could get from their lender when they’re victims of a shady lending practice could range anywhere between £3,100 and as high as 3X that price depending on how many cars you financed.

In some cases with larger loans or longer repayment periods, you might be eligible for considerably more!

If your loan had an interest rate set on it which turned out not too far off-market rates but still somehow higher by around 30% then consider lodging an appeal immediately – those extra few percentage points really add up over time; especially if those terms were offered during a bait.

no-win no-fee PCP claims

Am I eligible to make a no win no fee PCP claim?

Most likely yes, around 92% of customers who purchased their vehicle through a PCP may be eligible to make a PCP claim as the car financier did not include the commissions earned by the salesperson or dealership, but we would need one of our experts to take a look at your finance agreement before we would know for sure.

This goes against the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 as the finance company must fully explain the terms and conditions, fees and payments throughout the finance agreement you signed for.

It’s the company’s responsibility you purchased your vehicle from to show that they did all of these things adequately. If they can’t prove it, then yes! You’ll be entitled to compensation.

It may sound like a small thing but there are some big consequences in being mis-sold finance products and not knowing about them beforehand – or worse yet getting sold something with hidden costs which turn out later down the line when paying off your loan (and discovers he owes more than expected).

What do i need to make a no win no fee PCP claim

What do I need to make a no win no fee claim?

The first thing you would need to make a no-win no fee PCP claim would be the finance agreement you signed. (most likely at the car dealership).

It’s important to have your PCP agreement as this will have information on your interest rates monthly payments, mileage allowance, and late fees, and also indicate if sales commission fees were applied within your finance agreement.

Also, we would need:

Proof of ID identification – Passport or Drivers Licence

Proof of address – Utility bill, or Bank statement.

Where can I find my PCP agreement?

Where can I find my PCP agreement?

Our recommendations would be to, first of all, check your emails.

Car finance companies will usually email a PDF file containing your car finance agreement.

If you go to the search bar within your email provider and search for “your car finance provider” “car finance agreement” Make and model of the car” this can usually populate the PDF file within your email account.

If no joy you can always contact your car finance provider directly.

We would recommend calling your car finance provider as emailing may take longer for a response. 

4 Ways you could have been mis-sold PCP Car Finance

listed below are 4 ways you could have been mis-sold PCP car finance.

PCP Hidden Commission

it has been found that car finance companies kept secret hidden commissions they paid to car dealerships and their salespeople. In a recent FCA mystery shopper exercise in 2018, it was found that out of 122 car dealerships visited, only 11 of them disclosed commissions they earned.

High-interest Rates

It was found that salespeople were allowed to dictate the interest rates upon PCP car finance consumers, the higher the interest rate the more the salesman would earn in commission.
The FCA has banned this commission made throughout all car dealerships in the UK as of Jan 2019 as it does not put consumers first.

PCP Agreement Not Fully Explained

One of the most popular mis-sold PCP cases we hear from consumers is that felt that they were rushed through the T&C of the PCP agreement by a salesperson.
In regards to the FCA mystery shopper exercise, they found that roughly 70% of mystery shoppers were not informed by the broker that they would not completely own the vehicle until after they had paid the final ‘balloon payment.' The FCA concluded that they were ‘not satisfied that firms are complying with regulatory requirements.’

Unregulated PCP Finance Companies

It appears that a large number of PCP Companies have apparently been operating in an unlawful manner. They have been cheating PCP customers out of their money. Many brokers have been operating without the oversight of FCA regulators which is not only irresponsible but also illegal, this unfairly places the consumer in a very precarious position.

PCP Car Finance Scandal In The News

With the evidence of the FCA findings into the mis-sold car finance scandal, more and more car finance consumers are starting to make claims as they are not happy with the secret commissions and unreasonable high-interest rates.

As time goes by more news is emerging as car salespeople are coming forward and admitting they shouldn’t have been charging the amount of interest they should have.

BBC – ‘Outrageous’ car loan commission banned

The Times – Dodgy motors and hidden fees: claims pile up against car finance firms

The Car Expert – The car industry needs to be more honest when selling car finance


Mis-sold car (PCP) examples

Car finance consumers may have been mis-sold PCP in a number of ways from hidden commissions, unrealistic monthly payments, pressure from the sales team and high-interest rates.

Below are some examples of how consumers can mis-sell PCP when taking out their car on finance.


mis sold car finance claims for cars and motors 1

Example 1

  •  The consumer was not taken through an array of car finance options and was only shown PCP as a financing option. 
  • The salesperson did not explain to the consumer that they would earn a commission on the car they financed on PCP.
  • There was no explanation on what fees could occur if the consumer missed a payment.


mis-sold PCP example

Example 2

  • The consumer felt under pressure from the car salesperson as she did not want the deal the dealer was offering.
  • The APR interest was unreasonably high even though the consumer’s credit score was excellent.
  • The consumer was not told that she would own the car at the end of the PCP agreement.




mis sold PCP example 3

Example 3

  • The consumer was not informed who would be reliable when it came to car damage.
  • ar salesman ensured consumer that the interest rate would not be over 10%, and the APR interest charged on the PCP agreement was 12.5%
  • The Mileage allowance did not meet the consumer’s demands, resulting in overcharges at 0.22p a mile.


Most frequent questions and answers for mis-sold PCP & claims against PCP finance

Yes, all PCP claims will be taken on a no-win-no-fee basis.

That means there will be no upfront fees when starting your claim.

A fee will only occur upon successful collection of a car finance pcp claim.

Upon collection of your PCP compensation, the legal team handling the claim would charge 35% + Vat on successful collection.

On average a PCP claim can take up to 6-12 months, possibly longer.

This can depend on how long your car financier takes to respond to the legal team managing your PCP car finance claim.

When starting your car PCP claim we will need a copy of your car finance agreement, proof of address, and also proof of identification like your driving license or passport.

  • Biometric Passport 
  • Drivers License
  • Bank or Building society or credit card statement (Less than 3 months old)
  • Utility bill – less than 3 months old

Yes, as long as your PCP car finance agreement is regulated by the FCA (Financial conduct authority)

However if you live in the republic of Ireland you may struggle to find a solistor ffrom the UK as the finance regulators will not be the same.


More information on PCP claims in Ireland 

car finance agreement
At the top of your car finance agreement, it will either have“HP or PCP car finance agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974”.

Mis-sold car finance blogs

Can i make a PCP claim in Ireland

Can you claim PCP in Ireland?

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How does the PCP claims calculator work?

The free PCP claims calculator checker tool won’t tell you exactly how much you are owed, but will give us an idea of whether you may be eligible to claim.

The checkers aim is to work out the likelihood of you having a claim depending on the information you submit.

This free calculator checker will help us to asses many variables in order to give you a better idea of how successful your claim will be. The PCP claims calculator will not give you the exact amount that you are owed but will basically let you know if you could make a claim.

Will the calculator submit my claim after I receive my results?

No, after you have submitted your details via the calculator if we believe you may have been Mis Sold you will be advised of possible options.  

Although if you would like to start your claim now please click here to be directed to our claim form .

 If you would prefer to speak to a Mis Sold Car Finance Specialist (PCP Contracts) please call 0151 452 1017

Alternatively if you would like to email us, please email info@missoldcarfinance.org

 Is my information safe after I submit my details to the calculator?

Yes, here at missoldcarfinance.org we will keep all your information safe and will not pass it on to any third-party companies. 

 We can 100% promise you this as we value you and your information.

Is the PCP calculator tool 100% accurate?

No, this PCP claims Calculator tool will not give you the exact amount that you are owed but it will let you know if we believe you could make a claim.

Why have you made this Car Finance PCP Calculator tool?

We made this tool as a result of the FCA investigation into the mis selling of Car finance PCP contracts in the UK  

The FCA stated that the missing selling of PCP could potentially cost UK consumers over 300 million a year. 

 The FCA have been looking into the mis selling of car finance for the past 3 years. 

It is only now they are taking action against these dodgy car dealerships and salesmen. 

 This may have affected more than 5 million drivers in the UK as the salespeople who where selling these deals were not giving the right information and trying to make a quick sale as they were profiting largely from a PCP deal. 

 This free  PCP claims calculator checker tool was designed for UK  consumers to help them decide if they should make a claim as a result of mis selling. 

How will the calculator let me know if i have a strong case

The mis-sold PCP car finance calculator will send your answers across to Mis-sold Car Finance who will once in receipt let you know if you may have been mis-sold your car finance. 

 On the calculator, you will be asked a series of questions in regards to how the deal took place and what type of information you received when taking out the PCP contract from the salesperson. 

 For example, if you were not told who would be liable for repairs when you hand the car back after the end of the PCP deal or you were not informed about who exactly owned the vehicle you will have a very high chance of claiming back your car finance deal although there are many other factors including hidden commissions and unfair interest rates.