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Have you ever leased a vehicle through Seat’s PCP plan? If this is the case, you may be entitled to hundreds of pounds in compensation as a result of an FCA statement.

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What You Should Know About Your Seat Auto Finance Contract

  • The broker receives a commission, which is kept a secret.
  • Unreasonable high interest rates.
  • Contracts are rarely adequately explained.
  • Customers are misled with numbers.
PCP claims solicitor no win no fee service for PCP compensation

Do I Qualify For a Seat PCP Claim

Mis-sold Seat Mileage

Have you ever had a PCP or Hire Purchase purchase agreement that was too costly?

Was there ever a time when the Seat dealer made it clear who is to blame for any damage?

Did you know that if something goes wrong and you don't take appropriate precautions, you will be held responsible and your PCP/Hire Purchase agreement may be modified to include extra charges after you've signed it?

Is the salesperson thorough in explaining all of the specifics of your new Seat PCP contract?

Did the salesperson adequately describe the PCP paperwork to you, as well as provide enough time to think about it?

Did you know that Seat salespeople were rewarded with a commission based on the interest rates?

Did you know that if you purchased a Volvo PCP plan, your Volvo salesperson would be paid a commission related to thee interest rate

List of Seat car models

  • SEAT Inca
    SEAT Altea[nb 6]
    SEAT Mii
    SEAT Toledo
    SEAT Arosa
    Cupra Formentor
    SEAT Inca Kombi
    SEAT Arona
    SEAT Málaga
    SEAT Tarraco
    SEAT Ibiza[nb 2]
    SEAT Córdoba[nb 4]
    SEAT Marbella[nb 1]
    SEAT Terra[nb 3]
    SEAT Ateca
    SEAT Alhambra
    SEAT León[nb 5]
    SEAT Exeo[nb 7]