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One of our dedicated claim handlers will contact you at the time and date you requested, in the meantime if you have a copy of your finance agreement please have it ready or send it to info@missoldcarfinance.org alternatively upload it below to speed up the assessment process! 

Upload your agreement below to speed up your assessment!

How to identify your Finance Agreement

see fig 1 

1. Your agreement will usually have the text ‘Agreement regulated by the  consumer credit act 1974‘ at the top of the page.

2. Your Finance Agreement will have your details somewhere throughout.

3.  The Finance Agreement will also have the financial details relating to your deal.

4. Your Finance Agreement will have a signature & date section. 

car finance agreement

Still having trouble locating your Finance Agreement?

A. If you are still having trouble locating your agreements, please check your initial emails, search your lender/broker/dealership, or even your make/model of the vehicle. 

B. Still no joy, you can always check your bottom draw for the paper copy ha ha. Most finance providers would of followed up their email with a paper version.

C. No luck? Don’t panic, if either of the above are not found, you can always get in touch directly with your finance provider via telephone who will be able to provide you with them upon your request. 

Please rest assure this will have no baring effect on your past/present agreement.