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Now we will need to check your car finance agreement to see if you are eligible for a No-win No-fee claim and have been affected by hidden commissions.

Once submitted our partners at Ashley Howard will contact you to discuss the eligibility of your claim.

You can check on your eligibility for a car finance claim below, also what your car finance agreement looks like and where to find your document.

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Eligibility Check

Please ensure before uploading your car finance agreement you meet our legal team’s requirements for car finance mis-selling.

  • The car agreement start date must be before December 2019.
  • Not in IVA or bankrupt.
  • Cannot accept clients where finance is taken out in Scotland.
  • The agreement cannot be ongoing.
  • Not in arrears on car finance.

How to identify your car finance agreement

see fig 1 

1. Your agreement will have the text Agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 at the top of the page.

2. Your Finance Agreement will have your details somewhere throughout, like your address and contact details.

3.  The Finance Agreement will also have the financial details relating to your deal:

  • APR%
  • Interest charges
  • Total amount payable
  • Monthly charges 
  • Length of contract (usually in Months)

4. Your Finance Agreement will have a signature & date section. 

This is found near the bottom of your finance agreement.

car finance agreement

How to locate car finance agreement

Where can I find my PCP agreement?

Emails: If you are still having trouble locating your agreements, please check your initial emails.

Search your lender/broker/dealership, or even the make/model of the vehicle within your email account.

Paper copy laying around: Still no joy, you can always check your bottom drawer for the paper copy haha. 

Most finance providers would have followed up their email with a paper version.

Contact your finance provider: No luck? Don’t panic, if either of the above is not found, you can always get in touch directly with your finance provider via telephone who will be able to provide you with them upon your request. 

Iv forgotten my car finance lender?

If you don’t know your finance providers name you can check your bank statements to see who your car finance was through.

Also, you can check your credit score app like clear score, they should also tell you who you have had finance with.


Need Help?

Are you struggling to locate your finance agreement or simply don’t know if you qualify for a claim?

Reach out to us and arrange a call-back so we can help.

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Mis Sold Car Finance PCP Agreement

  •  The sales person did not make it clear who would own the vehicle whether
  • that be the third party finance company or the dealership.
  • PCP interest overcharged by £1,250.
  • Customer wasn’t given any other options by the dealership